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Improve Your Return on Investment

Since yellow pages and online advertising reach customers who are actively engaged in researching products and services, you can connect with customers at the exact moment when they’re ready to buy.

  • Local search marketing lets you control your advertising budget. You pay only when an interested customer for clicks on your ad. You can also track the number of clicks, calls, emails and sales, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money. You can change your price per click or budget at any time to improve your ROI.
  • Yellow pages display ads put your business front and center. Yellow pages advertising estimated sales return on investment has averaged about 13 to 1 over the past eight years.*

We help you track the success of your advertising and refine your strategy so you get continued return from your investment.

* “Yellow Pages – ROI Value 2007”, CRM Associates, Dec. 2007.

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