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How to Set Up Your Website

Our web site tools make it easy to set up and manage your site.

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Step 1: Set Up your Web Address (Domain Name)

When you created your account, you chose one of the following ways to handle your domain name. Please follow the appropriate instructions below.

  • Register a new domain — your web site address (domain) has already been set up on our servers. Continue to the next step to create your email addresses.
  • Transfer an existing domain — you must complete the domain transfer.
  • Keep your domain with your current registrar — you must change the DNS settings.

Please Note: New web sites and email addresses will not be immediately available. It normally takes 24 to 48 hours for a domain to be updated throughout the Internet.

Step 2: Create your Email Addresses

Follow these instructions to create your email addresses (if you have selected to manage your own email, skip to Step 3):

  1. Sign in to My Account using the email address and password provided to you via email.
  2. Click the web Site Hosting tab.
  3. Click Manage to launch the WebSiteOS control panel. To access WebSiteOS Help, click the “?” located at top right of page.
  4. On the WebSiteOS control panel, click the Email tab.
  5. Click the Easymail Setup link.
  6. Click the Account button.
  7. Click the Create button.
  8. Assign a username and password for the email account, then click the OK or Apply button. To create another email account, click the Create button again.

Email Features

EasyMail offers additional email features that you can use to customize your email accounts. To learn more about these EasyMail features, click one of the feature buttons in WebSiteOS, then click Help. Help instructions describe the feature and explain how to add it to your email account.

Using Web-based email:

  1. Open any web browser and go to
  2. Enter your email address and password to login (created during Step 2).
  3. Use WebMail to send and receive email messages. Webmail features include: contact lists, daily schedule, to-do list, spell checker and web bookmarks. To learn more about WebMail features, read the Webmail Help in WebSiteOS.

Using any of the following email client software:
Configure your email client software using the instructions provided in the WebSiteOS Help on Configuring Your Mail Client.

  • Eudora
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Internet Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Netscape Mail
  • Pegasus Mail
  • Pine

Step 3: Build (or upload) your Web Site

There are two methods for getting your web site online; build a new web site or upload an existing web site.

Build a New Web Site:

The EasySiteWizard tool (take a quick tour) makes it easy to create a new site in a few simple steps and no technical knowledge is required.

  1. On the WebSiteOS control panel, click the Site Builders tab.
  2. Click the EasySiteWizard link.
  3. Click the Begin button.
  4. The wizard will guide you through the steps to build your site.
    • Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates
    • Upload your own content, images and logos
    • When you’re finished, your site files are automatically saved and uploaded to the Internet.

Upload an Existing Web Site:

If you already have a web site, you can upload it directly to the server using one of the FTP options described below. Please note: This method is recommended for experienced users.

Use our FTP tool

  1. On WebSiteOS, click the auto-FTP icon located on right of taskbar.
  2. An FTP session will launch in a new browser window.
  3. Login with your WebSiteOS password (provided via email).

Please note: Your web account can be accessed via the browser’s FTP functions. FTP support varies widely between browsers from full drag-and-drop capability to download only.

Use an external FTP tool

  1. Open your external FTP client and connect by entering the following information where appropriate:
    • Host Name/Address: your domain name (
    • Username/Login name: your domain name
    • Password: your domain password (the same one you use to log in to WebSiteOS)
  2. Once connected, you will see some, or all, of the following directories depending on the web site hosting package you ordered. Make sure you upload all site files to the public directory or in a subdirectory of the public directory. CGI scripts must be placed in your cgi-bin directory.
    • cgi-bin (double-click to open and upload CGI scripts if using on web site)
    • logs
    • private
    • public (double-click to open and upload your existing web site files)

    Your home page must be named with one of the following file names:

    • index.htm
    • index.html
    • index.shtml
    • index.phtml
    • index.php

Use Microsoft Front Page

If you use Microsoft Front Page to create your web site, you must install FrontPage extensions on your domain before uploading your web site files. You must also use FrontPage’s “Publish Web” function. Please refer to our tutorial for specific instructions. To access the Microsoft Front Page tutorial:

  1. Go to WebSiteOS Help.
  2. Click Building Your Website.
  3. Click Using MS Front Page.
  4. Click Publishing Your FrontPage web tutorial.

Web Site Setup & Custom Development

If you purchased our full-service web site option (including set up development), a Content Specialists will contact you. Your web site will be setup with the information you provided to your Media Consultant. Then, you and your Content Specialist will work together on your professional web site.

The Custom Web Development product offering allows to enhance existing web sites, on an hourly basis for a reasonable hourly rate. Our Custom web Development product is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want a high quality custom web site, at a fraction of the cost charged by agencies and boutiques.

With Custom Web Development, web site developers are able to create robust, feature-rich and engaging web sites that enable advertisers to differentiate themselves from their competition, while realizing more value for the customers they serve.

Custom Web Development services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom logos and graphics
  • Animated headers and banners
  • Flash and Multimedia (audio and video)

Frequently Asked Questions

We may already have an answer to your question — please visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions. For technical questions, please email us at or call toll-free 866-558-0400. Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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