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Reach more customers. Get more sales.

Nationwide Coverage and our Exclusive Direct Mail postcards reach shoppers and buyers no matter where they are located in the United States. We specialize in helping you connect with your local customers in many different ways but we have a solution for each and every community.

National coverage. Local Reach.

Browse your options online today or call us to ask us about reaching online or direct mail customers in your neighborhood today.

Core Area Coverage

In addition to our national coverage, we provide print directories and direct mail card packs in most key metropolitan areas. Check with us – we’ll find the right combination that will introduce your company to new customers. Remember: We make introductions. We are matchmakers in the marketplace.

Core States for Card Pack Delivery

Core States, Card Pack Delivery
*Historical directory volume cannot be used to determine future deliveries for time periods that differ from the date shown. Check with your local sales rep or call us for more up-to-date information.

Top searches by city for 2012:*

Chicago, IL 5.5M
New York, NY 4.2M
Atlanta, GA 3.9M
Dallas, TX 3.8M
Los Angeles, CA 3.6M
Houston, TX 3.1M
Philadelphia, PA 2.4M
Seattle, WA 2.3M
Miami, FL 1.8M
Denver, CO 1.4M

Top directories delivered by state for 2012:*

New York 10.9M
California 9.6M
Pennsylvania 8.3M
Virginia 5.3M
New Jersey 4.9M
Florida 4.8M
Texas 4.0M
Massachusetts 3.6M
Maryland 3.4M
Washington 1.5M

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