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SuperGuarantee® Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SuperGuarantee® program?
The SuperGuarantee is a program that provides an easy way for people to search for businesses they can trust. The SuperGuarantee shield is a great way for your business to stand out from the competition. When people choose a business with the SuperGuarantee, they can count on services done right, or we’ll make it right.* Find out how it works.

How does the SuperGuarantee shield benefit my business?
This offering is so unique, we’re confident it’s going to make us the preferred source for finding quality local businesses. This means more consumers will come to us to find what they need, which means ever more leads to your business. Learn more about the benefits to your business.

How will consumers find out about the SuperGuarantee?
In addition to being easy to spot in our print and online products, the SuperGuarantee is also supported by a national advertising campaign.

Is the SuperGuarantee program free?
Yes, the SuperGuarantee program is being offered at no cost to customers and our clients.

Can my business participate?
If your business is in a qualified service category and you have a qualified advertising program, you are automatically included in the SuperGuarantee program. Find out if your business qualifies. Even if you don’t do business in a qualified service category, you can still benefit from the additional traffic and usage that the program generates.

How do you guarantee my service or work?
People can easily find businesses who are included in the SuperGuarantee program by searching on or looking for specially marked ads in the Verizon Yellow Pages. If an eligible customer uses a SuperGuarantee service provider and registers the service appointment with the SuperGuarantee program, we will attempt to resolve disputes relating to the services provided. If a resolution cannot be reached, we’ll reimburse the customer up to $500 of any amounts paid for the labor portion of the services provided. For a complete description of the SuperGuarantee program, rules, eligibility requirements, and other restrictions, please see the terms and conditions.

Are my products guaranteed?
The SuperGuarantee program does not cover products. It covers selected services performed by participating businesses. Find out which services are covered by the SuperGuarantee program.

Do I have to register for the SuperGuarantee program?
No. If your business is in a qualified service heading and you have a qualified item of advertising, you are automatically included in the SuperGuarantee program.

How is my performance rated and reviewed?
Customers will be prompted to submit ratings and reviews at either or at This is similar to asking neighbors for their opinion. They can share their experiences by providing a star rating and review.

What is not covered under the SuperGuarantee?
The program does not apply to any materials, parts, or goods. Other restrictions apply. See the terms and conditions for details.

* Restrictions apply. For a complete description, please see the program terms and conditions

SuperGuarantee program.

Find out how to join the SuperGuarantee program.

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