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Customer Call Tracking (CCT)

Customer Call Tracking (CCT)

Customer call tracking takes the guesswork out of marketing your business. We use custom and unique phone numbers to capture and track every call your ads generate, so you can easily tell just how well your campaign is performing.

Keep an eye on your ad performance with customer call tracking.

Customer Call Tracking Features

  • Calls to tracking numbers are automatically and seamlessly forwarded to your existing business line.
  • Collect caller information and record calls for future reference.
  • Receive monthly reports through email. You can also run reports online in real time.

Call Tracking Reports

Our call tracking report provides details for all calls, including:

  • Caller name, address, and phone number1
  • Whether call was answered, busy, or unanswered
  • Length of time spent on each answered call
  • Number of calls received each day of the week, and hourly throughout the day

Customer Call Tracking Options

Call Record. Listen to your calls to improve customer service and call tactics.

Call Whisper. Add an alert to incoming calls that are generated by your ad.

Ask your Media Consultant for more information on these and other CCT options.

  • Are your ads working, or do they need work? With 24/7 access to your real-time online reports, you can always tell at a glance which of your ads are doing well and which ones you’ll need to adjust for next year.
  • Make the most of your marketing efforts. Use the call answer data to manage your employees’ productivity. Monitor the time of day you get the most calls so you can be sure someone is there to answer the phone during peak hours. You can even have your calls recorded and review them later to improve sales and customer service.
  • Get the information that matters to you. If you’re only interested in the high points, our performance summary reports will keep you informed on how your ads are doing. If you’re more of a detail-oriented person, you can drill down into the metrics to get as much data as you need.
1. Caller ID information is not available from cell phones, unlisted, or blocked phone lines.

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