By anonymous - 6/29/2011 My daughter is 4 years old and has been going to Montserrat's day care for over 2 yrs. She loves her school. Every day when she wakes up she wants to know if it's a school day. There has been times when I get out of work early and go pick her up and she wants to stay a little bit longer ...Love it! To my as a parent that means she's happy and feels at home. She has also learned numbers, shapes, colors and the alphabet. Knows how to spell her name and more. I love this place and highly recommend it.Happy Mom - Lupe

By anonymous - 6/29/2011

We are really pleased to hear our goals are met. Your opinion help us to know that we are going in the right direction. Thanks for your comments, we will continue having our maximun efforts to make this place a fun and educational experience for your child. By Montserrat'sDAYCARE

By anonymous - 4/1/2013 I absolutely LOVE this daycare! "Lulu" is very passionate about she does and really takes the time to work with the kids and really teach them things. Your kids are not sitting in front of a tv all day long! She is so amazing and I was so.sad when we moved and had to leave her :( ~Kisha W. (Josiah's Mommy

By anonymous - 4/1/2013

Happy to have had the opportunity of been part of the development of your child, and to know you were pleased with our services. Love to hear from you!!!!....We miss Josiah!...oh!....We really miss you!!! By LULU - MONTSERRAT'S DAY CARE

By anonymous - 9/30/2013 The meals here are delicious and nutricious!!!The education is awesome! Manners and dicipline are as good as can be! And most important our son loves comming to daycare! Diego goes to first grade now but as soon as he has vacation he`ll be back, and I know he will enjoy having a good time while we are at work... what more does a parent want? Thanks to Monsterrat`s Dream Day Care we don`t have to worry about a thing!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diego W. and his parents!!!!

By anonymous - 9/30/2013

Very glad to hear from you!!! Thank you very much for your comments, We really enjoyed your company and we are so happy to know we will see you soon! LET'S HAVE FUN! By MONTSERRAT'S DREAM DAYCARE
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